9 Months to Adulthood

With only a month of school left, things are getting pretty crazy. Its true that I’m not graduating this semester, but somehow I am stressing the graduation stresses.

I decided that I want to live in Boulder, CO when I grow up. I grow up in about 9 months. This is because that is when I am supposed to graduate. But anyways, I want to live in Colorado and so I can’t stop looking for jobs there and looking at apartments and wondering how much rent can I afford while still paying my medical bills and eating and having a life. I am even thinking of how I want my future home to look with the furniture and the colors and all.

For now I need to worry about now. Now I am taking 18 credit hours and struggle bussing my way through all of them, and I have a lease that ends in July but need to move one state over in the beginning of May. Thats the college life. 11.5 month leases for the barely 9 month school year.

In the summer I have an internship, which is exciting since I will get some money working that thing, and I sure could use a few extra bucks. Its also cool since I’ll be living with this guy who used to go to my school but he works where I’ll be working and we are going to climb together. Super stoked to have a new climbing partner.

Before then I have a few things to get done though. Like this semester, f0r example. Five more weeks, and in those weeks I have my third running race and my first ever climbing competition. Very excited/nervous for both!


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