My Future Home

As a climber, I know I’m not supposed to want to settle down, but I really do. I want a house with furniture in it and eventually I want to add in a husband and maybe even some small children. It may sound weird but I can picture it already in my brain.

All of my belongings will have a place to be and there won’t be any extra stuff. I have ADHD so I love to keep extra stuff, but in the house I picture, there is no hoarding allowed. Maybe its because they give me better meds in the future or I will get a husband that is willing to tell me that I actually don’t need to keep that thing for any reason.

Anyways, its going to be nice and clutter free. I want nice light colored walls. One room green, another a milky blue, and maybe even one light purple room. The living room has my books since I like to read the same books over again, and it has my movies too, since I repeat those too. Theres a TV in the living room, but it doesn’t have cable. The house is nice and small, but it feels like a great size because of the lack of extra possessions. The only issue for storage comes with my climbing gear. In a basement or spare room I’ll have a space for those things. One of those walls like they have in the stores, so I can hang up all of my cams and things, and since I’m an adult my things won’t even smell like feet because I’ll have a front loading washing machine to clean my sleeping bag and other disturbingly dirty things.

It will be really nice to finally have a place to call my own. A place where the furniture is not made out of plastic, and I don’t have to worry about roommates breaking my things. If the toilet is clogged or the kitchen is dirty, I won’t be angry because I will have done it and so I can happily clean whatever mess I created. It will be very personal and very specific to me.


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