SWE 5k

A while back I signed up for this 5k put on by SWE at Ohio State. The proceeds went to a local middle school’s STEM program, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to sign up. I had planned to get back into running anyways. Despite this, I somehow managed to only run 2 miles between the start of 2016 and this race. It showed.

The 5k was a glow run and I learned to not try wearing a glow stick necklace during a run. I don’t think I lasted even a half mile before I dropped the necklace on the pavement. I ended up finishing in about 31 minutes, which isn’t the worst. In December I ran the Jingle Bell 5k and managed a time under 30 minutes, so I had hoped to do the same here, but since its been cold and treadmills are the devil I haven’t had any chance to practice running.

Funny thing is that after I finished running I ran into (ha) this guy that I have been hanging out with. Wednesday night the school had a showing of The Force Awakens for free so him and I went to that. He finished the 5k in about 22 minutes so of course I am feeling all sorts of inadequate. I’ll do better next time! I found out about one 5k that I’d like to do in Pittsburgh, so I’m planning to run that at the end of the summer. My goal is to finish in under 28 minutes. It feels very daunting right now, but I have three months to get there.

In other news, I got to play cards against humanity for the first time. I played with the guy that runs and a couple other guys from our major. I’m glad to be finally making friends in CSE even though I graduate (somewhat) soon. Then last night I went drinking with that same guy again and we had a lot of fun. Maybe I can take this as motivation to run a bit faster with hopes that one day I’ll keep up with him!


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