New City New Friends

I moved into my new apartment about four days ago. Since then I unpacked, did a little shopping, and relaxed a bit. Today I decided to build up the courage to go make some friends. Every climber wants climber friends, so naturally, I went to the climbing gym and hung out in the bouldering section.

I really don’t like bouldering. Before my arthritis got bad, I had been doing a lot of bouldering so I tend to blame it a bit for my past pain. But past is past and bouldering is the most social form of climbing, so to the bouldering wall I went!

It was weird being in a new gym. I managed to do a V2 and I am pretty sure I am not supposed to be able to do V2. Or my old gym was sandbagged, which is a common complaint, though I was always fine with it since that was where I learned. Either way, it took me a bit to get my bearings with the grades. I started off on a VB+ (lower than V0) and it was wicked easy. I then did a nice overhanging V0 or V1 and it was really fun. I tried a few other things and a V2 that you could top out on, which I enjoyed. As I grew tired I started watching some other folks doing some ungraded problem, and they invited me to join. My first attempt at the problem was embarrassing. It was a sit start that reaches up to this big sloper. I slipped right off that thing. But after a few tries I was stuck in the same place as my new friend. Some other people ended up joining us as well, and it was pretty good. I never ended up making it through that move I got stuck on, but my new friends were encouraging and offered some different beta I could try. They invited me to a scavenger hunt over the weekend, so it seems I’ve successfully made my first friends here.



Weird side note: Only two of these guys told me their names. The first one was named same as my boyfriend, and the second same as my boyfriend’s brother.


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