Jingle Bell Run Round 2!

Woah. Things have been kind of crazy considering how little I’ve been doing lately. I moved about two weeks ago and still haven’t started working, so I’ve been taking a couple classes on Coursera, studying up on my Korean, and running a bit.

I have really been pushing myself to run more as a way to keep my heart healthy. It has been slow going so far. The longest distance I’ve been able to consecutively run was .6 miles. It’s terrible but it’s also improvement so I can’t feel all that bad about it.

I have a couple races lined up for myself in the fall, but today I got an email that registration has opened for the Jingle Bell Run, which raises money for arthritis research. I have arthritis so this is an important cause for me. So naturally I signed up. Last year I ran it and was able to meet my then goal of finishing in under 30 minutes, and this year I intend to do the same. The race isn’t until December so I don’t want to decide a real goal yet aside from doing better than last year. I figure I just started running last October and was able to finish in 30 minutes in December, so assuming I can manage to stay healthy from now until then, I’m on track to do much better this year!

I also plan to do better with fundraising this year. Last year I only managed to fundraise my own donation, so I am hoping to do better than that this year. I once again have a goal of raising $100, which is really only $65 since $35 of it was mine. Arthritis sucks a ton, so any donations are appreciated. The money goes to the Arthritis Foundation. I tried to put a little cute graphic that shows how close to my fundraising goal I am but it didn’t work. Here is a link to my page if you want to donate!



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