Any Port in the Storm…

My life has been beyond hectic. In two months I will have graduated, yet I don’t know where I’ll work or where I’ll live. But before that comes the task of graduating, which is going pretty okay I think. But before that I have to live, and I’m mostly getting by on that as well. I can tell because I’m still alive.

But as I work on finishing the school thing and starting the real life thing, I’m finding it difficult to give in to my family’s belief that I should take any job I am given and be happy to be miserable as long as I’m making money. The thing is, I’m not willing to get stuck. I’m not willing to go take some crappy job that pays the bills with hopes that I’ll move on to something better. Because I won’t. I won’t learn marketable skills at the crappy job, and when I get home every day, I’ll be too tired to put in the work necessary to keep myself marketable. Its a giant trap. You’d think they’d have realized that by now.

I am about to graduate with a degree in computer science. Technology isn’t all that important to me. Instead, I value education, self expression, and adventure. In the next 10 years I want to see elephant populations thrive and opioid addiction rates plummet. I fully believe in humanity. I truly believe that if we can communicate effectively, people will understand and they will care. Many people believe that what they do or don’t do doesn’t matter, but I know they are wrong.

Thats why I can’t go sit in an office writing some unimportant code. Theres too much change that needs to occur, and I can’t ignore that.


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