Why am I running?

Running is hard. It’s cold. I don’t want to run. But today I have to. There is one place selling food on campus today and they close in 50 minutes. So I guess I’m running.

But why do I have this goal to begin with?
I write this list to remind myself:

  1. To keep my heart healthy
  2. To keep up with my climbing partners on the approach
  3. To keep up during jujitsu warm ups
  4. Increase endurance to climb farther and fight harder
  5. Because it’s difficult and that will make it feel so good when I get good at it
  6. There are Star Wars races at Disney and I need to go
  7. For the Jingle Bell Run to raise money for the Arthritis Foundation
  8. To prove to myself that I can

Alright I feel ready to get that food now. 45 mins until close… wish me luck.


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