Where will I be in 4 weeks?

Graduation is now 20 days away. I may be starting work in early January, or I may be waiting until July. I may be moving to North Carolina, or maybe back to my South Carolina home. Four weeks ago I was sure that by now I’d know exactly what I’d be doing post graduation. I’ll know any day…

It’s difficult not knowing where I’ll be even a short time from now. The other day I asked one of my buddies if he’d like to go on a climbing trip similar to one we had done last December. I had been nervous because I am returning from a sprained shoulder and I thought he may turn me down with hopes for a stronger partner. But we both want to go! But it would have to be in early January, and if I take Job #1 I’ll have to be moving in and starting work. But if I take Job #2 I have about 6 months of flexibility so I could go whenever. Issue is I’ve only gotten a verbal offer from Job #2 so I don’t feel like I can count on it.

I’m excited and terrified. In a month I could be starting my career and sorting out my career goals, or I could be climbing in the desert with sunburnt lips and a dirt tan. Definitely leaning towards the dirt tan option today.


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