End of an Era (?)

I am going to graduate on Sunday morning. I’m glad for it. I’ve worked long and hard, and finally its time for me to get back to me. My classes are all finished and I’ve said goodbye to my friends, but it doesn’t feel like goodbye.

It’s strange not knowing when I’ll see these people. Maybe I’ll see them in a few weeks, or maybe I never will. My climbing partner and I are planning a trip to somewhere for January, so at least I’ll have that. All of my plans are still very vague. I’ll move next week, and do some things, six months will pass, and I’ll move again to start work.

I’m grateful for the time off because I have some goals I want to work towards. I want to get back into studying Korean, start drawing again, and improve at climbing/jujitsu/running. I’m a bit bummed because I realized that there is no climbing where I am going. There is one bouldering gym. But I suppose it will be fine. I figure I’ll hit different gyms as I travel to visit family, and in between I’ll just work on strength and flexibility. I’m just very eager to get back to pushing myself! Right now I don’t even know what grade I climb at.

I’m sure I’ll figure it out. All I need is a plan.


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