JTree (Day 2+)

Joshua Tree Sunset

Joshua Tree Sunset

On day two, my partner and I were very excited to climb Sail Away (5.7). We had heard great things, and it surely did not disappoint. My partner lead up first, breezing through the bottom section, and going through the rest good and slow. I couldn’t wait. The climb looked gorgeous. It had a bouldery start (which it turns out is really hard if you are short) and then a good hand crack up to the top where you traverse over two cracks and top out.

I struggle bussed through the start. I was surprised at first as my partner had gone up the start with zero hesitation, but an onlooker informed me that the start would be difficult for someone small. I took a couple of falls, but eventually I got it. I was really there for that top section with the three cracks, and it was great. 10/10 would climb again.

We climbed Double Cross, another popular crack, and I really loved this other climb, Toe Jam, but Sail Away took the cake for sure. We actually ended up going back to Toe Jam later and I climbed it a lot differently, but it was still tons of fun.

After a few days, my wrist ended up hurt somehow, and I couldn’t climb, so we hiked up Mt. Ryan. In the park paper it said the hike was challenging, so I was slightly concerned, but it turned out to be a really long staircase. Not too bad. I always had thought I was just incredibly weak because I always fall behind on the approach, but during that hike I finally realized that it’s actually just that I’m much smaller than my friends and carry the same amount of gear as them. Wow. I could probably do approaches so well if I were 1.5-2 times my size.

Photo of Mt. Ryan summit

Please excuse my day 7 hair.

Anyways, the top of Mt. Ryan was beautiful. Definitely worth while. There were good views along the way, and of course good views from the top. I was not even upset that we didn’t climb!

After Mt. Ryan we ended up meeting up with some folks that we met so that my partner could get a pitch in for the day. It ended up taking a while so I ended up having a dance party by myself and taking a few pictures, one of which is at the top of this post.

It ended up raining the next day, which gave me a little more time to heal, and after that I was able to climb again. Overall I had a great time. We met a ton of good people and a good dog. And a person with the same name as my dead dog. I’ll be glad to go back sometime. I still want to climb Sexy Grandma.








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