Running with Dog

My mother told me that the dog was good at running. And I mean he sort of is. He’s fast and muscular. But he makes an awful running partner. The dog was so excited to run, I almost want to try again, but it was hard.

I am super sure that my dog is secretly trying to kill me. Usually he does this by placing a toy behind my foot as I wash dishes or go to get something out of the fridge. When I go to turn around he hopes that I will trip. But on the run he tried to kill me slightly differently. This time, instead of tripping me with a toy, he decided he would trip me with his body. This dog is not small. This dog is a German Shepherd. And maybe 2 minutes into our run, this dog walks directly in front of me and stops. Why is my dog like this.

So after I tripped over the large animal and didn’t die, Dog decided he would really just run with me. Maybe he had second thoughts after realizing that he needs me to survive. Running with Dog felt like a sort of test in agility. He wouldn’t stay by my side so I let him have the length of his leash and he used this extra room to cross in front of me repeatedly. Until I stepped on his heel and was like bro thats not my fault you need to give me room.

I thought that dog would enjoy running with me even if I am slow. I figured he would stay by my side whether I was running or if I needed a quick walk break. That was not the case. We didn’t even make it a mile before I decided the run was over and that we would walk home. Poor dog. Creature wants to run fast and kill me, but I can’t run fast and prefer not to die.


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