Fitness Tracking Strife

The obsession with fitness trackers is very real. I feel it and I know others feel it as well. Otherwise Fitbit simply would not exist. For me its kind of strange, as I love data, but I also love privacy. Apparently I like data more than privacy though, as I am an apple watch owner and until recently I wore the watch every day.

Lately my fitness tracker has gotten on my nerves. I was on vacation for a week, and when I got back and turned on my watch, it told me that I did not meet my calorie burning goals at all last week and suggested I lower my goals. I was out walking every day, I rode a horse, and I rode a camel. I’m pretty sure I met my goals for general daily movement. But according to my watch, I didn’t move at all for the entire week.

Then this past week I’ve been going to jujitsu classes. Of course I can’t wear my watch to class, as that is dangerous and inconsiderate. I feel bad enough when I accidentally hit someone in the face with my open hand. If I hit them with a watch, I don’t think I could face them again. So I’ll be in jujitsu class for an hour or two and my watch is complaining that I need to stand. And when the weekend comes its going to complain that I didn’t exercise enough. But I did.

Don’t get me wrong; I love my apple watch. It tells me that someone texted me when I left my phone on the other side of the house, and it reminds me what comes up next on my schedule. I check it before I leave the house to find out whether or not I need a jacket. But fitness tracking simply doesn’t seem to be a good idea for me. It’s advertised as something for everyone, but I’m not so sure it is. If you’re a dancer it’s probably awesome, or if you run and do yoga. Fitness tracking devices have instilled in me this need to meet its prescribed goals, even though most of my exercise isn’t counted towards those goals. It also makes me feel like walking my dog counts as exercise when walking is never going to be enough for me.

So for now I’m taking a break from the tracker. I’ll use it to run, but not for regular daily use. It isn’t important that I didn’t meet the goals of my watch. I feel that perfect amount of soreness that reminds me that yesterday I worked hard, and next time I’ll work harder.


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