12540534_1073101266055281_859817649164983278_nHello there! My name is Taylor and I like to climb rocks. The picture on the right shows how I look. In particular, that is how I look on Mt. Washington. I have climbed Mt. Washington the past two Januaries and I love that mountain and I love New Hampshire. I actually lived in New Hampshire for about 6 years when I was young.

These days I am going to school in Ohio to learn all about computers. I am supposed to earn a degree for doing that and then I will start to do other things.

I also like to climb as I previously mentioned. It is kind of interesting because I have arthritis and so in early 2015 I got surgery on my shoulder, and so I had to take a long time away from climbing, but its nice now that I’ve gotten back into it. Climbing is my favorite thing to do.

If you climb, you might know about Moosejaw.com and I am actually a Moosejaw Athlete which means I run races wearing a Moosejaw shirt. Running is very difficult to me, but I enjoy the challenge. I like that it is very independent and I am constantly pushing myself not only to do better in races, but to also to be in better health with regards to my heart and lungs and all that.


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