Prepping to Move

In a couple months I’m going to move into my first apartment that I’ll live in all by myself. I picked out the apartment, which is pretty exciting. The place is kind of garbage but I don’t care. There is a washer and dryer in the apartment and my guests are allowed to park in the parking lot. There is a pool and overall, its actually quite nice. I just think its not great because the hallway carpets smell like my grandma’s house and the floor plan is pretty strange. But these things are not important. I’m glad to know that I have somewhere to live once I go.

So far, I’m barely beginning to pack. I’m having trouble with the purging stage. Right now I have items from every phase of life, and there are many things that I don’t really want to get rid of, but I don’t want to take them with me either. Like my Darth Maul lightsaber – I have zero use for that, but also it makes a sound when you hit someone with it. My tiny apartment won’t accommodate those types of things. Still, I like knowing that once I manage to sort through all of these things, rather than having a ton of junk with a few nice things thrown in, I’m going to have just a few nice things.

I imagine my new apartment and I can’t wait to have my own separate rooms to put things in. My kitchen things will go in the kitchen, rather than in a bag, and I’ll have a trunk where I keep all of my outdoors gear. My baby Joshua Tree will continue to grow by the light of my living room window, and I’ll sit at the table beside it with my laptop, sipping tea from my Spiderman mug. Because adults can like Spiderman too.


My Future Home

As a climber, I know I’m not supposed to want to settle down, but I really do. I want a house with furniture in it and eventually I want to add in a husband and maybe even some small children. It may sound weird but I can picture it already in my brain.

All of my belongings will have a place to be and there won’t be any extra stuff. I have ADHD so I love to keep extra stuff, but in the house I picture, there is no hoarding allowed. Maybe its because they give me better meds in the future or I will get a husband that is willing to tell me that I actually don’t need to keep that thing for any reason.

Anyways, its going to be nice and clutter free. I want nice light colored walls. One room green, another a milky blue, and maybe even one light purple room. The living room has my books since I like to read the same books over again, and it has my movies too, since I repeat those too. Theres a TV in the living room, but it doesn’t have cable. The house is nice and small, but it feels like a great size because of the lack of extra possessions. The only issue for storage comes with my climbing gear. In a basement or spare room I’ll have a space for those things. One of those walls like they have in the stores, so I can hang up all of my cams and things, and since I’m an adult my things won’t even smell like feet because I’ll have a front loading washing machine to clean my sleeping bag and other disturbingly dirty things.

It will be really nice to finally have a place to call my own. A place where the furniture is not made out of plastic, and I don’t have to worry about roommates breaking my things. If the toilet is clogged or the kitchen is dirty, I won’t be angry because I will have done it and so I can happily clean whatever mess I created. It will be very personal and very specific to me.