I made a website!

I really surprised myself today by finishing my resume website. Yesterday I told myself I’d finish today as I only had to add a couple files so that people could download my resume and find my social media stuff. (Is it not weird to everyone else that we have work related social media?) But my resume website is “finished!” It looks kind of bad especially since I have no experience and all the filler material is meant to be experiences. Anyways I’m very proud of myself for doing the minimal amount of things that I had planned to do. Go ahead and click the link below and then be sure to leave a comment letting me know that there is too much empty space 🙂



Glimpsing the Future

At the end of last week I had a visit to my future job office. That’s where I’ll start working in 3 months, and it’ll be my first job out of college. Visiting was great because I got to meet a bunch of my future-coworkers and learn a bit more about what will happen when my job starts.

Really the first 6 months are less of a job, and more of a paid learning experience. This whole time I’ve been dying to know what we will go over, and it looks like its gonna be cake for sure. It did give me a bit of a reminder that I’m going to be a software engineer after I’ve been hanging out doing not software things for months. Today I did a thing though. I finally worked on my resume website. I got the layout set up and everything, so now I just need to put the content in and make sure it looks good. So basically all of the hard parts. Still, it is nice to have it even partially done.

When I start “work” we will be learning things like fundamentals of computer science or whatever, because they are preparing us to all be on the same level – even the girl that majored in psychology. The whole thing should be a good time. We will work on cute things like HTML and CSS and everything will be in JavaScript so I guess I should look at how that works again. I won’t though. I will just google which one is double equals and which one is triple equals every time. I am a bit surprised to find we will use JavaScript though, as I could have sworn everyone hated it. But I’m grateful that the focus is on a single language so that unlike in my degree program I will never be told to do a project in a language that I’ve never even looked at.

It’s exciting to look ahead. The people I met were fantastic, and I’m excited to move into my own place!

Any Port in the Storm…

My life has been beyond hectic. In two months I will have graduated, yet I don’t know where I’ll work or where I’ll live. But before that comes the task of graduating, which is going pretty okay I think. But before that I have to live, and I’m mostly getting by on that as well. I can tell because I’m still alive.

But as I work on finishing the school thing and starting the real life thing, I’m finding it difficult to give in to my family’s belief that I should take any job I am given and be happy to be miserable as long as I’m making money. The thing is, I’m not willing to get stuck. I’m not willing to go take some crappy job that pays the bills with hopes that I’ll move on to something better. Because I won’t. I won’t learn marketable skills at the crappy job, and when I get home every day, I’ll be too tired to put in the work necessary to keep myself marketable. Its a giant trap. You’d think they’d have realized that by now.

I am about to graduate with a degree in computer science. Technology isn’t all that important to me. Instead, I value education, self expression, and adventure. In the next 10 years I want to see elephant populations thrive and opioid addiction rates plummet. I fully believe in humanity. I truly believe that if we can communicate effectively, people will understand and they will care. Many people believe that what they do or don’t do doesn’t matter, but I know they are wrong.

Thats why I can’t go sit in an office writing some unimportant code. Theres too much change that needs to occur, and I can’t ignore that.

Workplace Poetry

Clearances, badges, security training
National security is worth maintaining
That’s why I don’t talk about work
Also because that’s treason

But I did learn quite a bit over there
And a few of those things are things I can share

I practiced with JS and wrote SQL
I presented my work; they said I did well

I learned why the government budget is so,
And now I know where my taxes go:

It’s classified